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Manufacturing for All

Future-proofed manufacturing isn’t just about using the best technology, it’s about finding the best people, and creating a self-sustaining culture which is diverse, inclusive, and welcoming for all. The sector’s skills shortage is also an issue which needs to be urgently addressed, which means inspiring the next generation of manufacturers. Here we look at best practice when it comes to doing that.
Manufacturing for All July 2021

Breaking the mould in diversity and inclusion

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Race to the Smart Bottle

Smart technology is making the world a more efficient, more accountable, and more sustainable place. The glass sector is leading the way, seeing incredible advances in production and supply chain methods. Here, we explore the concept of a ‘Smart Bottle’, showcasing areas of innovation and collaboration and examining emerging technologies that are shaping the future of packaging.
Race to the Smart Bottle December 2021

Smart bottling: Connecting the data with a digital thread

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Race to the Smart Bottle July 2021

Rethinking the packaging supply chain

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Race to the Smart Bottle June 2021

Mapping the journey towards intelligent glass bottles

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Planet-first Production

The manufacturing sector is responsible for more than half of all carbon emissions in a world more environmentally focused than ever. In Planet-first production, we share knowledge and insight which will help others follow in our own journey towards net-zero operations.
Planet-first Production October 2022

Ulster Wildlife – Planet-first Production Achieving sustainability goals

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Planet-first Production September 2022

Food Contact Chemicals: Promoting Healthy Packaging Jane Muncke, Managing Director at Food Packaging Forum

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Planet-first Production December 2021

Grain to Glass: What this means for Pernod Ricard

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Planet-first Production October 2021

Hydrogen: The challenges and opportunities for manufacturers

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Planet-first Production September 2021

Brewing a better world through collaboration and innovation

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Planet-first Production July 2021

Reducing carbon footprints with science-based targets

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