Encirc Strengthens Its Sustainable Roots

April 2015

Encirc recently planted the first 1,500 trees as part of its carbon offsetting campaign, Trees For Me.

The campaign, which was launched at last year’s Wines of the Beautiful South tasting, initially helped visitors counteract their carbon emissions from travelling to the event by signing up to plant a tree.

As a result, on 24 March, children from local schools in Barrow and Elton, along with Councillor Eleanor Johnson, joined Encirc staff at the company’s site in Elton, Cheshire, to help plant the trees.

Funded by Big Tree Plant and ForeStClim as part of the Mersey Forest, each tree represents Encirc’s commitment to sustainable business practices for its staff and customers worldwide.

A new woodland walk has also been created through the forest, giving employees a space away from the factory for breaks and meetings.

Encirc is also initiating Trees For Me at its Derrylin site in Northern Ireland, and is currently considering various biodiversity options, including the redevelopment of natural areas.

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