Getting a Taste for Wine Consultancy

December 2013

This month, our winemaking consultant, Justin Knock, MW, gives us the lowdown on the role he plays in upholding quality for end consumers.

“My job, like many others, is one where my title doesn’t immediately explain what I do. To me, being a winemaking consultant means I bring fresh eyes to the table, offer an objective point of view and keep track of what is happening within the wine industry. Taking a wider view allows me to provide an understanding of how it feels not just to be a supplier, but also a customer, with an appreciation of the high levels of service quality that they expect. It also gives me a chance to look at trends and developments from around the world.

“Effective communication is a big part of my role. The Master of Wine platform is ideal for informing the industry of new technologies and innovations, while challenging it to think beyond common assumptions, such as those regarding bulk shipping and in-market packaging. When given some thought, the benefits of bulk shipping – for any type of wine – quickly become clear. Making the industry more aware of these benefits, and asking them to consider how quality checks could be implemented in their businesses is, I believe, a really important insight to share.

“As a winemaking consultant, I am here to provide specialist advice and expertise about the winemaking process. In addition, I can advise on any wider issues the industry may be facing, such as margin compression, implementing sustainable business processes, and meeting demands for multiple types of supply. Hopefully, by offering my input, I can help the industry find ways of solving many of these problems.”

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