We’ve developed a unique concept for those looking for a complete beverage supply chain solution.
We call this ‘360’.

Inbound Logistics

Wine and carbonated beverages are shipped to Encirc in containers via road, rail or sea. The beverage is transferred into storage vessels on arrival. The process has significant CO2 savings and is an efficient way of getting the beverages to site.

Glass Manufacture

Combining leading technology and experience, the bottle making process entails melting, gob distribution, container forming, annealing, cold end coating and inspection.


Encirc processes all of its beverages, making sure they are all fit for purpose. This includes mixing ingredients, cutting and checking the quality before the beverages are bottled.


Beverages are taken in a closed loop system to be filled on one of Encirc’s, automated high speed lines, as well as labelled and packed.

Warehousing and Added Value

Packed beverages are then stored in Encirc’s automated bonded warehouse, ready for the customer. Encirc can support customer requirements including case picking and value-add activities.

Integrated supply chain

Hauliers will collect the filled product and deliver full loads or consolidated loads of store ready pallets to retail. The load can be bespoke as per the customer’s request.


The brands are on display in supermarkets across the world.

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