Encirc donates over 1,000 high-visibility vests to support road safety campaign

November 2023
Pupils at St. Mary’s, Mullymesker Primary School.

Encirc has supported a Neighbourhood Policing Team road safety campaign by donating over 1,000 high-visibility vests and beanie hats to local rural schools and organisations over the past 13 months.

The local glass manufacturer and bottle filler responded to a call for help by the Erne West Neighbourhood Police Team whose aim is to ensure that local schoolchildren could feel safe when walking or cycling to and from school.

As part of the campaign, the PSNI are urging motorists to SLOW DOWN and THINK CHILDREN when driving past schools. The aim of the campaign is to keep the roads around schools a safe place for children in our communities.

A spokesperson for the PSNI said: “As part of a Neighbourhood Policing Team, we get the opportunity to visit many Primary Schools throughout west Fermanagh. As we approach winter, when the pupils are going to and from school in the dark, PSNI received a call for assistance from the pupils of St Mary’s Primary School, Killesher; Florencecourt Primary School and St Mary’s Primary School, Mullymesker.

“The pupils have had enough of not feeling safe on the roads when walking or cycling to and from school. So, Erne West Neighbourhood Police Team worked with the schools in a bid to appeal to motorists when driving past schools and on seeing the big red warning sign for a school, to SLOW DOWN and THINK CHILDREN.”

The spokesperson added: “Erne West Neighbourhood also approached local business Encirc to see if they could help with providing high visibility clothing to the schools. As a local business, and with many of the employees having children at these schools, they were happy to come on board. Now, thanks to Fiacre (O’Donnell) and his team, all pupils from these schools received a high visibility vest and beanie hat.”

As they look to reinforce the importance of good road safety practices this winter, Fiacre O’Donnell, Sustainability Director at Encirc said: “This is an important initiative for our local community. The safety of our schoolchildren throughout these dark winter months is paramount and we hope that these high visibility vests and hats will make a difference, ensuring our schoolchildren are more visible to drivers.”

He continued: “We would ask all motorists to be aware of the dangers and listen to the PSNI message of SLOW DOWN and THINK CHILDREN around schools. If we can all work together on road safety, I have no doubt we can create a safer environment for everyone.”

St. Nailes PS, Kinawley and Kinawley GFC are among some of the other groups to have already received the vests and hats from Encirc.

Representatives from the PSNI and Encirc visited three of the schools last week to hand out the vests and hats to the delighted pupils, restating the important safety message in the process.

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