The Clear Choice For Your Sustainable Future.

September 2022

Encirc is a market leader in glass container design, manufacturing, bottling and logistics solutions for the UK, Irish and European food and beverages industries.

Sustainability is at the core of what we do. Not only is glass the best packaging option for health, taste and the environment, our 360 approach sets us apart from our competitors when it comes to the beverage supply chain, creating flexibility, support and minimizing carbon impact.

Sustainability is not as simple as just focusing on reducing our carbon footprint, it’s all part of a much bigger picture. To address this, we launched our Glass Made Good campaign. In order to create the world’s most ethically responsible containers we must work within our four core pillars: People, Place, Planet and Prosperity. The four P’s guide us in our decision-making process and are all linked by one core element: Sustainability. Our people, our customers and our communities must all benefit from our prosperity.

In 2021, we demonstrated to the world just what our industry is capable of. We created the world’s most sustainable bottles in a biofuel trial held in Derrylin. The success of this trial was celebrated by all, and major brands went on to sell the most sustainable containers.

As part of the initial trial, working closely with industry research body Glass Futures, we made bottles from 100% recycled glass and energy from burning ultra-low-carbon biofuels. The use of this renewable biofuel and the recycled glass reduced the carbon footprint of each bottle by up to 90%. It truly was a momentous occasion for glass.

As we continue taking steps on our path towards Net Zero, we’re looking for the forward-thinking environmentally conscious minds of the future to join us. We value innovation, and when it comes to sustainability, no idea is too big. Whether it’s analysing fuel options, working on our environmental policies or building the sustainable furnace of the future, career options at Encirc are only getting greener over the next ten years.

We believe that our success as a business can only truly be measured by our impact on those around us and we’re working hard to ensure that impact is a positive and lasting one.

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