Vidrala invests in intermodal innovations

September 2022

In a bid to further drive innovation and sustainability across its international supply chains, leading glass container maker, The Vidrala Group, is making use of new intermodal logistics processes. 


Encirc and its parent company, Vidrala, are conducting more than 50 trials examining the benefits of mixing rail and road methods for raw material deliveries to sites, and outbound shipping of both empty glass containers and filled products. 


It is thought that by combining rail and road journeys, Vidrala could reduce the number of road miles travelled by lorries by over 2,000,000 miles a year. 


This would see Vidrala’s carbon emissions slashed by over 3,200 tonnes a year throughout its supply chain. This is equal to taking 134 cars off the road – further improving the company’s sustainability credentials. 


Earlier in 2022, Vidrala had its Science Based Targets validated, ensuring the organisation operates in a way which reduces emissions and helps prevent the planet’s temperature from rising more than 1.5°C compared to pre-industrial levels. The intermodal logistics trials are a key proof-point supporting the reaching of these targets.  


Alongside trialling the mixed use of rail and road transportation, Vidrala is trialling HVO in trucks to replace standard diesel and investing in a new fleet of trucks powered by natural gas. Natural gas burns much cleaner than traditional fuels, meaning 50-60 per cent less carbon dioxide is used on every journey. 


Speaking on the trials, Javier de Prado, Logistics Director at Vidrala said: “To reduce the carbon footprint of one glass container, we need to look closely into the most carbon intensive stages of its lifecycle. The environmental challenges for glass are linked directly to production and transportation. 


“We’re making waves in both areas, conducting new production trials using hydrogen, biomethane and other biofuels, while also focusing on transforming our supply chains. Intermodality is crucial in this regard and has so much to offer – we can’t wait to see what these 50 trials hold for the future of sustainability in our business and the industry.” 


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