August 2016

Encirc welcomed the First Minister Arlene Foster and the Chinese Consul General Madam Wang to its Derrylin plant.

The visit focused on the global success of the Encirc Academy, which was launched in 2014 to promote excellence in glass manufacture through process improvement, new technology and improved operating practices. Madam Wang was keen to understand the comprehensive process behind the technical support offered by the Encirc Academy and also the excellence standards that are leading the glass industry.

Speaking following a tour of the Derrylin plant, First Minister Arlene Foster said: “This impressive facility reflects Encirc’s ambition to become a leading player in the global drinks industry. Their ability to combine product design, glass manufacturing and beverage formulation, along with filling and logistics services, sets them apart from their competitors.
“Not only is Encirc a major employer in the Fermanagh area, but the company is operating on the world stage, driving the highest levels of operational excellence. It has consistently invested in skills and wider capability development in order to capitalise on sales outside Northern Ireland.”

Adrian Curry, MD Encirc commented: “When you look at the global glass industry Encirc is one of the newest players, yet because of our skills, investment and agile approach we are setting standards and supporting the global glass industry. The success is a true reflection of the efforts, abilities and dedication of our team and the investment made in their continued development.”
During the visit the First Minister Arlene Foster and Madam Wang discussed potential opportunities within the Chinese market and heard the company’s plans for sustainability focused investments over the coming years.

Adrian Curry continued: “At Encirc, we’re constantly looking for ways of working that can help us further improve the sustainability of both of our manufacturing sites. Gas to the West is a project that we are championing as it will deliver natural gas to the Derrylin plant, improving its environmental credentials and reducing cost. We are also in the planning stages for a significant investment in our furnace rebuilds at the Derrylin plant that will take place in 2019 and 2021.”

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