July 2016

Encirc has achieved record Total Packaged Oxygen (TPO) levels in its 2.25l Bag in Box (BiB) packaged wine, following a multi-million pound investment in its advanced filling technology.

Independent analysts have verified that TPO levels in Encirc’s BiB wines are now consistently well below three milligrams per litre (mg/l) – a benchmark that experts say only the highest performing production lines can achieve.

These results are thanks to optimising filler performance by Encirc, as well as processes used in the bulk shipping of wine from overseas, which have helped to minimise the levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) present in the wine prior to packaging. In addition, headspace volume in Encirc’s BiB packs is now circa 21ml – well below the 34ml maximum recommended by experts – further reducing oxygen levels.

Minimising oxygen content in packaged wine is a crucial goal for producers, as it reduces the need for additions of SO2, which has the effect of supressing taste at high concentrations.

Henry Powles, oenologist at Encirc, explained: “Optimising the processes we use to manage the levels of oxygen in the wine we package for customers forms a key part of Encirc’s ongoing investment in enhancing our service and product quality.

“In doing so, we can ensure their products taste great and stay fresh for longer, so they can provide end consumers with the best possible drinking experience.”

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