April 2016

Encirc Glass, is preparing for an increase in customer demand with an extensive furnace equipment investment programme.

This year more than £650,000 has been invested in refurbishing the two Derrylin furnaces to increase their longevity and ensure they continue to offer optimum performance to maximise productivity and efficiency.

Initial works have focused on fitting new insulation materials around the batch material in-feeds and burner blocks to improve energy efficiency, further cutting the overall carbon footprint of the Derrylin plant.

Speaking about the investment, Robert Rose, operations director at Encirc, explained: “Encirc has enjoyed robust growth over the last few years, with a marked increase in demand for our glass packaging while our focus on environmental stewardship has been well recognised inside and outside the industry. As a result, it’s more important than ever to ensure our facilities are in the best possible condition.

“This investment has allowed us to maximise the efficiency of the furnaces, reducing energy requirements and ensuring sustainability targets are met. With complete furnace rebuilds planned in the coming years, the Derrylin plant is key to supporting the growth of our business and that of our customers well into the future.”

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