Encirc Oenologist Joins WSTA Technical Committee

February 2015

Encirc Wines is celebrating after resident oenologist, Henry Powles, joined the Wine and Spirits Trade Association (WSTA) technical committee.

Powles, who has been with Encirc since 2012, joined the committee due to his extensive experience assessing wines, as well as his deep understanding of winemaking and the impact varying methods can have on quality.

He will now attend the bi-annual meetings and contribute submissions focused on technical matters to dossiers that will be submitted to the UK Government, the European Commission and other bodies.

Speaking about his new role, Henry said: “Joining the WSTA technical committee is a huge privilege and I’m looking forward to being part of a forum that can make such a difference to the UK wine industry.

“Our priority at Encirc is to ensure that the wines we bottle are of the highest quality, and to understand the different factors that can affect a finished product. By highlighting the importance of these issues with key European bodies, we can help ensure the quality benefits are passed on to all levels – from winemakers and bottlers to consumers.”

What is the WSTA?
The Wine and Spirits Trade Association (WSTA) is an independent trade body that represents more than 340 private companies involved in the production, importing, exporting, transport and sale of wines and spirits within the UK.

What does the WSTA do?
The WSTA campaigns for a sustainable wine and spirit industry in which alcohol is produced, sold and enjoyed responsibly. Membership from major retailers, brand owners, wholesalers, fine wine and spirit specialists, as well as logistics and bottling companies, allows the WSTA to carry out this campaign effectively.

What is the WSTA technical committee?
The WSTA’s technical committee reviews the Association’s contingency plan, and contributes to submissions on technical matters to the UK Government and documents that aim to influence EU legislation.

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