Encirc Wines & Technology: An Ongoing Investment

May 2013

As sales and marketing director, I know how important operational efficiency is to our customers. Overseeing a recent tour of our Cheshire site really drove home the importance of technology for our day-to-day operations. The investment we’ve made in our processing and analytical machinery over the past five years makes us one of the world’s leading bulk bottling specialists.

The most important factor for many producers looking to utilise our filling services is consistency of beverage quality. In order to be able to assure our customers that each bottle of wine is of the same high standard as the last, analysis must be a primary area of focus, and it is technology that makes this possible. The world class machinery we house here allows us to monitor and control vital factors such as total in-pack oxygen, sulphur dioxide and alcohol levels. Bottling high-grade products, and maintaining that level of quality throughout the filling process, is our key objective, and it is the advanced technology we have on site that allows us to achieve this time after time.

Our automated guided vehicles (AGV), deliver glass and packaging to our bottling lines, while our fully automated GEA processing plant is capable of filling and packaging more than five million litres of wine, beer, cider, spirits and soft drinks in a week. Our facilities take advantage of as many technological advances as possible to streamline the bottling process, allowing us to maintain our low environmental impact while controlling costs.

The importance of technology for our business can’t be understated. It allows us to stay ahead of the game, which is vital for us as an internationally acclaimed bulk filler.

Gillian Walters, sales and marketing director at Encirc Wines

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