Encirc Wines and the supply chain: where do we fit in?

January 2013

I’m often asked what role Encirc Wines plays within the beverage supply chain. Whether you’re a producer, agent or retailer, the unique combination of facilities we have on site, here in Cheshire, means that we can optimise the efficiency of supplying beverages to their intended markets. The idea behind this blog is to answer some of the questions I’m most frequently asked, as well as providing you with some insight into Encirc Wines’ capabilities.

How can you shorten my supply chain?

Thanks to our Encirc connection, we are able to both manufacture and fill bottles on one purpose built site.

Bottles that are made in the glass plant are stored in our automated warehouse and fed into the Encirc Wines bottling hall when required. Once filled, we cap, label and pack the bottles before returning them to the warehouse for storage. As the warehouse is bonded, products can remain in storage until required without the need to pay duty or other taxes, which really helps our customers control their cash flow.

Having both glass manufacturing and bottling facilities on one, single site allows us to shorten the supply chain for our customers, helping them to control costs and reduce the environmental impact of their logistics.

How else can you help improve my operating efficiency?

We offer a number of services that enable our customers to operate more efficiently by reducing the amount of logistics required to move goods. For example, we offer an electronic data interchange (EDI) option, which makes transferring data to us quick and easy, as well as saving you time when placing orders.

We also offer consolidated deliveries, meaning that one truck delivery could contain products from a number of requested beverage producers. In addition to reducing carbon emissions and saving fuel, this considerably shortens the supply chain. It is particularly popular with our retail partners as only one order needs to be placed and the goods are received in a single delivery, saving money and time.

What else should I know?

We are constantly looking at our packaging options to make sure we have a wide and varied range on offer for our customers. 2013 will see developments that complement our existing suite of services, providing producers, retailers and agent alike with even more choice within their supply chain.

Gillian Walters, sales and marketing director at Encirc Wines

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