Encirc and the environment.

At Encirc, we're committed to reducing our direct impact on the environment.

We're accredited to ISO 14001 and have a volunteer-led Environmental Committee that meets bi-monthly to discuss any environmental improvements we can make.

Our successes include: discharging a better quality of raw water than we receive from our local water source; reducing, recycling and directing away from landfill the waste arising from site; and being the only container manufacturer within the UK who consistently and continuously monitors and maintains furnace emissions within the limits of our permit.

Many of our customers are based outside of the UK. Therefore our offer of manufacturing the container, filling with their product and distributing on their behalf provides them with a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of selling in the UK.

From lower CO­2 emissions to glass recycling, our method of glass manufacturing and filling at destination is the most sustainable and economical way to supply brands to their intended market. We're proud to do our bit to help reduce environmental impact.