Environmental Policy

It's our policy to minimise any adverse effect on the environment and the Earth's resources, and to safeguard the health and safety of our employees and the general public.

This policy is designed so that it is appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impacts for each site and to promote sustainable environmental activities.

The Environmental Management System [EMS] will be fully documented, implemented, maintained and made available to those staff that require access to the relevant information.

We will therefore:

  1. Design and manufacture products with consideration of the environment, habitats and health & safety as part of the overall process.
  2. Comply with or exceed applicable legal requirements, the *IPPC & **EUETS permits and any other relevant requirements. Through use of the 14001 EMS, Encirc will ensure that the senior management team are kept abreast of legislative and compliance requirements.
  3. Provide safe working conditions for employees, and encourage them to identify possible environmental improvements. Encirc will also provide any necessary environmental training as required.
  4. Protect local and wider communities from damage, pollution or nuisance as a result of our activities and strive to monitor and reduce the waste streams generated on each site.
  5. Measure and strive to continually improve the environmental impact caused by our products and activities and to continually improve the EMS so that prevention of pollution is the cornerstone of the plant.
  6. Encourage and train employees and suppliers to recognise their environmental responsibilities and the benefits available to them by implementing sound environmental and health & safety policies.
  7. Communicate our Policy and achievements widely and where appropriate freely share the techniques with others to generate environmental and safety improvements.
  8. Conduct an annual management review of our ISO 14001 system to ensure that the EMS is appropriate for the nature and scale of the activities, products and services taking place on each site. This annual review is also designed to ensure that the environmental impacts caused are appreciated and recognised by the senior site team.
  9. Promote our Environmental Policy by displaying copies in our reception, canteen areas, new employee's induction manual and via permit to works procedures for sub-contractors. This policy is also available to any member of the public who requests a copy via our reception at Derrylin.
  10. Display the objectives and targets of the system in prominent areas around each site and review and re-set these at planned intervals.
  11. Encirc will strive to be energy efficient and to maximise the use of all energy sources on site, and to maximise the amount of recycled glass used in the process where practical.